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Dydha da a Dynnargh dhis! 

Based in Cornwall and Wales, Nomads Adventure and climbing group is exactly that - built as a dream to inspire more people to get outdoors into the Great Unknown, and conquer more than what is imaginable within themselves. 

Besides from the opportunities above, we have a keen interest in delving into the more logistically challenging opportunities so if you have an adventure, or challenge, in mind and want a supportive, challenging and shared vision to be developed in a holistic way - we are the ones for you! 

There is never a dull day with the Nomads team, in fact, we happily take the Cornish sunshine everywhere, and will always be at hand to provide a day that is both fulfilling, and challenging. WE aim to inspire more and more people to experience the outdoors, becoming independent and confident to challenge their own inhibitions.

Have a look at our site and social media, I hope to hear from you soon with an adventurous plan and goal to be achieved!

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage," so be courageous and take that first step




On Request

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