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Who We Are


Rock Climbing instructor (RCIA), Mountain Leader (ML), Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT), Mtn Training Hill Skills / Rock Skills Director / Tutor, PE Teacher

I am a Rock Climbing Instructor (RCIA) and Mountain Leader  (SML) with a passion for all things outdoors. Mountains to me are an opportunity to learn, to be curious, and to have an adventure that you will always remember. 
Being a PE teacher, I have long advocated for an education system that takes the values of the outdoors and instils them within their own curriculum. Offering opportunities to all young people. But also adults, members of the public who want to try something new. 
I started off as a rugby player before concussion retired me at 20 years old. I needed a lifeline and that was the outdoors. I am a massive advocate for mental wellbeing and I understand from personal experience how rewarding, challenging and emancipating being in the outdoors can be. 
I gained my RCI in 2020, and  qualified with my ML in summer 2022 after spending a year in the mountains both in  the UK and abroad during holidays. I aim to work towards my MCI, whilst also making some amazing memories with clients and friends, passing on skills to help people enjoy themselves and be safe in the outdoors.

I have run the Mountain Training Hill Skills Award, and the Rock Skills introduction award



Navy AET, Trainee RCI

Andy has been my climbing partner, mountain partner, fitness partner, rugby partner since we were kids. Over time, he has developed the safety knowledge, environmental knowledge to begin to look towards taking groups out himself.
At times he will be assisting with Mountain Days and Rock Climbing days to develop his knowledge and share his unique sense of the world!



Navy AET, Rock Climbing enthusiast, mountain enthusiast, beginning journey to SML and other Military AT

Dan joined us a couple years ago with the first meeting being on a beach, around a BBQ. From there, his first multi pitch was a grade 1/2 winter climb in Scotland where he learnt how to snow climb. From there we have climbed in many different countries, including scrambling to the top of Petite Fourche in the Alps this summer. Steadily building up to harder routes and he is now going forwards with his military AT to gain qualifications in the field.



We are a collective of friends, aquaintances, family and strangers linked by our love of the outdoors and adventure. Whether that is scaling the highest mountains, climbing the cliffs, hiking the trails or just getting out for our first pitch and boulder. We all belong in the outdoors, a community that champions every day and individual differences and preferences.

Want to learn how to navigate and become independent and safe both on and off trails? Get in touch. Want to go learn how to navigate? Book in a couple days. On your bucket list to do certain mountains? Let me know. 
Wish to go rock climbing, taste your first Samphire from the cliffs, learn how to climb independently or in a group with friends? Get in Touch.

The outdoors are calling, and we all must answer.

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